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Who am I? I'm certainly not a Tcl/Tk guru...I'll leave that status for the gurus in comp.lang.tcl who I'm constantly learning from. :-)

I'm just a big fan of Tcl (and Tk). It's certainly saved me a lot of time, not to mention making things possible that would not have been otherwise. Along those lines....

I've written a freeware hurricane tracking program using Tcl/Tk. It's called JStrack (named after my two cats at the time, Jack and Shadow), and is here: http://www.purl.org/net/jstrack . Oh, btw, as I said, JStrack wouldn't have been possible (for me) without Tcl/Tk. I'm not a programmer---I'm a network design engineer (programming is a problem-solving tool for me). Someone told me that an early version of JStrack would have, if written in C, amounted to roughly 50000 lines of C---I don't even run into anything like that in my worst nightmares!

If anyone has any comments on JStrack (e.g., any stupid blunders I might have made in the code, etc.), I'd certainly welcome them. E-mail me at [email protected]

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