Updated 2014-12-31 11:01:40 by dbohdan

ETLINUX was an embedded Linux distribution with the speciality of tcl for everything, from init to the sample web server.

Its homepage used to be http://www.etlinux.org/. However, the company who sponsered that site has closed it down. If you do a web site for etlinux, you will find some new sites that have some info - perhaps someone will track down the new home of this package.

UK: my bookmark goes to :[1] last entries from march 2005 [2]

rdt 2006-07-06: Etlinux uses a (not 2.6, not 2.4, not 2.2) 2.0 Linux kernel. This is pretty old stuff but makes a good reference.

etdxc 2007.July.05 The following pages appear responsive.

escargo: The ftp directory has a link to a 3.0 beta that was last changed in November 2006.

PYK 2014-08-27: appbox, a project by Roy Keene, is similar and more modern.

dzach 2014-8-27 Any documentation on how to use appbox?

dbohdan 2014-12-30: I have found a working mirror at ftp://www.moscoso.org/pub/Linux/etlinux/.

dbohdan 2014-12-31: If, like me, you were primarily interested in Etlinux for its Tcl-based init system you can find an updated version of it in the source package for Ettcl at http://www.linux.it/~rubini/software/#ettcl.