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tk_textCopy window

Copy the selected text in text widget window to the clipboard.

This function is documented with text.

This command is called in response to the receipt of a <<Copy>> event.

The actual proc is defined as:
 proc ::tk_textCopy w {
   if {![catch {set data [$w get sel.first sel.last]}]} {
     clipboard clear -displayof $w
     clipboard append -displayof $w $data

which doesn't take into account the possibility of having multiple ranges with the sel tag. Here's a more complete version:
 proc ::tk_textCopy {w} {
   set list [list]
   if { [catch {$w tag ranges sel} ranges] } { return }
   foreach {first last} $ranges {
     lappend list [$w get $first $last]
   clipboard clear -displayof $w
   clipboard append -displayof $w [join $list \n]

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