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Areas Graphics, Tk, OpenGL
Good if student knows C, OpenGL
Priority High
Difficulty Medium
Benefits to the student Experience in both 3d programming, and C
Benefits to Tcl We get access to the 3d canvas widget once more
Mentor Sean Woods

Project Description edit

In all of the changes that have gone into Tk8.6, the 3d canvas Canvas3d has stopped working on both the Windows and OSX platforms.

OSX needs a rewrite because it depends very heavily on carbonized Tk, and we've since cocoaized Tk.

Windows... the plugin for windows just crashes nowadays.

RZ According to Canvas3d it is no longer abandoned.

Wish list (see also A Comparison of Canvas3D and QAnim:

  • 3D Font handling
  • Synchronous animation

Requirements: edit

  • C programming