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ABU 2-Jul-2018

zoom-canvas is a canvas extension aimed to make more easy to display and operate on large canvas. It provides a builtin interactive zoom&panning.

Demos and full documentation included.

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zoom-canvas 1.0.3 [1] 2-jul-2018

  • Bugfixing - MouseWheel error on Linux. Fixed

zoom-canvas 1.0.2 [2] 19-jun-2013

  • Bugfixing - Added missing C2V and V2C methods !

zoom-canvas 1.0.1 [3] 9-jun-2013

  • Bugfixing - (mitigated) "zoomfit" bug
    • "zoomfit" method was inherently imprecise due to underlying bbox command whose "return value may overestimate the actual bounding box by a few pixel".
    • Now "zoomfit" method is simply "less" imprecise
    • Now "zoomfit" takes care of canvas border and highlightthickness, too.

zoom-canvas 1.0 [4] 6-apr-2013

  • Bugfixing
    • Fix for MouseWheel event handling on Unix/linux (x11)
    • Workaround patch for Bug "MouseWheel on Mac"
    • Fix for MouseWheel event handling on "win32" for tcltk 8.6b2 and later
  • Added -pointbmp option and ability to specify/change single point's bitmap.

zoom-canvas 0.9 [5] 15-mar-2013

  • First public release