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During first half year of 2012 APWTCL (the successor of [itcl in javascript]) has been implemented and based on the javascript version two additional versions have been implemented for better native performance: APWTCL (Java) for Android based handhelds and [APWTCL (Objective-C)] for iPhone. To have running something comparable to Tk for APWTCL, there was the decision to use wtk from Mark Roseman (https://github.com/roseman/wtk) as a base. This splits up the administration and data of a widget to be handled with Tcl (snit classes and objects) from the representation, which uses native support from the environment it is running on. Original wtk was dedicated to support javascript only, my implementation inserts an environment independent interface (using a string based protocol) in between and then uses native support for displaying and handling the widgets and events. The action handling on the events is done by passing the information back to the Tcl part, which is modifying the (Tcl side) data and calling Tcl callback scripts if necessary.

Paper at Nineteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2012) edit

WTK for APWTCL Paper contains some more details.