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At the First European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting in 2001, Andreas Otto presented a system he called simply, "Tcl Compiler".

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website (original)
compiler-factory.com via archive.org
website (even more original)
t-online.de via archive.org
current version
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Compiler 1.3 Release Announcement ,comp.lang.tcl ,2001-04-17
What Is Token-Stream
tutorial (dead)
Anyone who has a copy of this please shout out!
How to Compile (dead link)
PYK would really like to see this document if anyone still has a copy of it.
How to Cross Compile
TCL Compiler - Code update ,comp.lang.tcl ,2000-03-01
Tcl Compiler ,comp.lang.tcl ,2006-03-14

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GSoc Idea: Evaluate and Update Tcl Compiler

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arjen 2014-01-08 08:48:52:

The SourceForge project is still available, That might be a good starting point, if anyone wants to revive this tool.

SEH: I have been combing through the sourceforge code and (sparse) docs. It appears that the code base is not complete, the author held back a C runtime library that is necessary actually to run the compiled Tcl program. If someone has up-to-date contact information for the author, perhaps we could persuade him to make a full release. The project looks to be worth saving.