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DRAKON is a visual language for specifications from the Russian space program. DRAKON is used for capturing requirements and building software that controls spacecraft. The rules of DRAKON are optimized to ensure easy understanding by human beings. DRAKON is gaining popularity in other areas beyond software, such as medical textbooks. DRAKON is universal. Its purpose is to represent any knowledge that explains how to accomplish a goal.

DRAKON Editor is a free tool for authoring DRAKON flowcharts. It also supports sequence diagrams, entity-relationship and class diagrams. With DRAKON Editor, you can quickly draw diagrams for:

  • software requirements and specifications;
  • documenting existing software systems;
  • business processes;
  • procedures and rules;
  • any other information that tells "how to do something".

Software developers can build real programs with DRAKON Editor. Source code can be generated in several programming languages, including Java, Processing.org, C#, C/C++ (with Qt support), Python, Tcl, Javascript, Lua and Erlang.

DRAKON is written in Tcl/Tk with various extensions.




ABU Amazing!

ak - 2015-01-13 23:25:57

According to the blog article Drakon files are sqlite databases.