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A presentation program is a program for the creation and presentation of, well, presentations.

Tcl Presentation Programs  edit

Canvas presentation graphics
A simple slideshow
includes a specialized canvas widget replacement
A simple slideshow
an enhanced version of Canvas presentation graphics
Slideshow of words for teaching reading
ycl visual slides
A simple system built on the canvas widget.

Other Presentation Programs  edit

PowerPoint ,Microsoft
The most widely-used presentation program of alltime. Hipsters beware.
OpenOffice Impress
Perspecta (historical)
SoftMaker Office suite
D. McC 2009/01/04: For those who don't mind forking over a modest amount of money (much less than M$ demands) for commercial software on occasion. Available for Windows, Linux, and a couple of OS's for handheld devices.

Description  edit

A presentation program is designed to allow one to combine words, images, sound, animation, and other things together, to be used by speakers who want to “present” data to an audience.

DKF: Also consider generating suitable HTML or PDF documents; colleagues of mine have had success with both strategies for simpler presentations.

joheid The latex-beamer class by till tantau [1] is a very nice and powerful tool to prepare well structured and consistent looking presentations as PDFs.

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