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tar is a Tcllib package for handling tar data.

Documentation  edit

official reference

Example: Extract a File from tar.gz  edit

To work with a gzipped tar file:
#! /bin/env tclsh
package require tar
set chan [open myfile.tar.gz]
zlib push gunzip $chan 
set data [::tar::get $chan some_file_in_tarball -chan]
close $chan

Example: Compress to tar.gz  edit

#! /bin/env tclsh
package require tar
set chan [open myfile.tar.gz w]
zlib push gzip $chan
tar::create $chan list_of_files -chan
close $chan

[mrcalvin] - 2018-05-29 23:38:45

The channels should be opened in binary mode, either by passing wb and rb, respectively, or setting fconfigure -translation binary explicitly. Otherwise, the above examples will fail in unexpected ways.