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Indetermined Directions Exist. Always. Somewhere.

chw 2014-03-22: a scratchpad of things which theoretically could be implemented in AndroWish but are far beyond my knowledge, craft, power, and not well thought most likely. Feel free to add other (un)thinkable, (un)implementable, (un)reachable ideas to this list:

  1. Android WebView integration as another borg minor command (see AndroWish: Documentation) which allows to overlay a WebKit fullscreen window with an optional JavaScript interface back and forth to and from the Tcl things of AndroWish. Useful to pop up a HTML based help for example. But see note below.
  2. WifiP2P (peer to peer) integration. This is a feature of Android >= 4.0. It enables direct ad-hoc Wifi connectivity between Android devices.
  3. Other Android goodies, e.g. using the SIP stack and Near Field Communication (NFC).
  4. Due to the portability which the SDL library offers, ports to other mobile platforms (AndroWish smoothly morphed to NibbledFruitWish and BreakingGlassWhenThrownThroughWish)
  5. Interface to Android's alarm manager in order to carry out certain tasks at specific times (idea by escargo).

Problem of point 1: WebKit does proper I18N font rendering, AndroWish (X11 heritage) not at all. Therefore, precondition for point 1 is to get font rendering proper (on X11, too, of course). Unfortunately, this is far beyond my mental capabilities. I need your help, community! Now!

Problems of points 2 to 4: See sentences 3, 4, and 5 of remark to point 1.

Problem at all: See Why AndroWish Was A Bad Idea

EF About point 1: Couldn't a (specific?) version of AndroWish simply open a WebKit view (and nothing else), pointing to a webserver implemented in Tcl in AndroWish. That would allow to "draw" the UI using modern techniques while still allowing us to write the core of the application in Tcl (and still provide access to the Android platform through the borg command). Just dreaming?