Updated 2014-08-10 00:09:53 by Jorge

JM 3/22/2014, What about this Icon for Androwish?

chw Brilliant, looks exactly as I feel about my burden, our community, and our overall perception. Please JM, make us positive. When that green thing feels our weight it could get angry. Make it stand straight, please. It's somewhat green but our friend, hopefully.

chw And hey JM, 10...000 times thank you for designing an icon. In some koooool vector graphic, to be printed on a T-shirt ...

JM Do you mean stand straight and the robot seen from front as in the original icon?
and the feather just crossing in front of it?

chw No, the feather's weight is near zero. Thus, the droid stands up right. And carries the feather, of course. Don't forget SVG since when it goes into the AndroWish APK I have to render it to 144x144 ... 72x72.

JM OK, I think I cannot upload the vector graphic format...I just tried to upload a pdf with several color combinations but it did not let me upload the file...

JM here you go...I will try to upload the vector graphics version.

JM I just did...and confirmed. It wont let me upload that file type.
I am adding my email address to my personal page here JM in the wiki if you want to provide me with some means to send you the file. Thanks.

JM Could you try this link to get the file? http://ge.tt/4trrMqS1/v/0?c

and a 2nd option: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81659128/android.ai

RLE (2014-03-23): Another option to storing the SVG on the wiki would be to bzip2 compress it, then uuencode the bzip2 file, then simply paste in the uuencoded version directly into the page.