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odielib is the personal spell book of hypnotoad. It contains, in a single package, a suite of pure-tcl and C compiled extensions assembled to support his various projects over the years.

odielib is primarily focused on the "big three" platforms Tcl supports, Linux, Macosx and Windows. I'm happy to support other platforms if someone is willing to test.

Pure-Tcl modules:

  • odie - A base set of package loaders and global commands other bits of the toolkit rely on
  • codebale - A suite of tools for building, packaging, and documenting C and Tcl code
  • nettool - A suite of tools for extracting network information

kill Frank PilhoferCross platform kill implementationtclkill
md5Richard Hippmd5 C implementation
rc4Richard Hipprc4 C implementation
slicerT&E Solutions, LLCTechnique for dividing a standard canvas into levels for floor plans
wallsetT&E Solutions, LLCTool for converting line segments into polygons and compartments

Original tools:
logicsetTools for managing lists as logicsets (i.e. cartesian sets)stable
polygonTools for performing logic operations of polygonsstable
shapesTools to accelerate drawing on the canvasstable