Updated 2016-09-19 01:37:44 by mistachkin

Spilornis is part of the Eagle project.

It is a utility library that implements the Tcl list splitting and joining algorithm in native code.

It is fully Unicode (UCS-2 / UTF-16) aware, is based on the official Tcl sources, and may be used by any project.

When optionally enabled for use by the core Eagle library (i.e. managed code), a few things will occur:

  • The dynamic link library for the target processor architecture will be dynamically loaded.
  • The native list splitting and joining algorithms will be used instead of their managed counterparts.
  • If it cannot be loaded, the fully managed list splitting and joining algorithms will still be used.

The code can be seen within the Eagle source code repository (Fossil) at Eagle Native Utility Library (Spilornis), with the primary C source code file being Spilornis.c.