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ZINT Bar Code Generator Library edit

The zint library allows to create images containing barcode information.

Project page: [1] Manual (only present in Version 2.4.2): [2]

Maintainer: Robin Stuart

Licence: bsd like

Robin nowadays works on a Java Version of the library.

Frontends edit

There is a command line and a qt frontend, both under GPL. Robin is working on a Java version.

TCL binding for libzint edit

A TCL binding for libzint is available as library "zint":

Project page: [3]

Author: Harald Oehlmann

License: same as zint library

Source: [4] (Including non-standard Data Matrix Rectangular Extended)

Binary: Well, I try to upload my windows binary to sourceforge, but there are no files showing up...

Screenshot of demo:

ALX 2014-09-11 21:59:00:

An other TCL binding for libzint where noTk is needed edit

tzint - tcl package for libzint barcode encoding library (no Tk needed)