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There appear to be two distinct tools with this name
What: Tk GUI builder (open sourced from Komodo by ActiveState)
Where: http://spectcl.sourceforge.net/
Description: Based on SpecTcl but completely rewritten with more modern Tk support and support for other languages.
Updated: 4/2012

What: Tk GUI builder
Where: ftp://tcl.activestate.com/pub/tcl/mirror/ftp.procplace.com/sorted/packages-7.6/devel/graphics/GuiBuilder1.0.tar.gz
Description: A Tk 4.0 based GUI Builder, called GuiBuilder (or tclGui). You get to choose place vs pack, allow you to configure the widgets, provides a grid for snapping things into place, etc. A Japanized version of GuiBuilder's help file was contributed by [email protected] in April of 1995.
Updated: 10/1999
Contact: [email protected] (Sean Halliday)
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See also GUI Building Tools.