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This is a list of tips that have a presence on this wiki. The canonical list is here.

Discussion of TIPS  edit

   [Tip 479%|%479]: Add Named Procedures as a New Command in Tcl (procx)

Do we really want to thus complicate the declaration of a proc? This seems quite clumsy. We could just use something like init. Right now, init is quite flexible and could probably be shorted (the -using stuff has proved needlessly general, I currently use something simpler) but it would be less verbose and easier to read than the suggested syntax and will require no extensions of the interpreter. If a more flexible scheme overall is desired, we could eliminate the arguments in the declaration entirely but for an implied "args" and use the system in Processing Arguments. This allows addressing by position, by name, and even includes a means of creating upvars without the need of separate upvar statements. In terms of Tcl9, especially, the distinction between vars and procs seems rather pointless. Proc should just be strings (of course) assigned to vars, and called by the var name, and use init or Processing Arguments for parameter passing. Larry Smith

Informational TIPs  edit

407: The String Representation of Tcl Lists: the Gory Details

Implemented TIPs  edit

59: Embed Build Information in Tcl Binary Library
The basis for tcl::pkgconfig.
148: Correct list-Quoting of the '#' Character
a bug fix.
257: Object Orientation for Tcl
the basis for TclOO.

Approved TIPs  edit

this section is currently empty

Pending TIPs  edit

The following TIPs have not yet been voted on.
415: Enable Easy Creation of Circular Arc Segments
Creating a segment of a circular arc is unnecessarily difficult.
431: Add 'tempdir' Subcommand to 'file'
addresses the fact that file mkdir does not fail if the directory already exists.
401: Comment Words with Leading {#}
make it possible to place a comment in the position of an individual word.
424: Improving exec, by Alexandre Ferrieux
A new syntax for exec (and by extension, for open) to make it possible to pass arbitrary values, even those that look like special exec operators, as arguments to the executed program.

Withdrawn TIPs  edit

305: ANSI Escape Sequence Support for Windows's Console Channel Driver
better off as a platform-specific extension.

Rejected TIPs  edit

this section is empty for the time being