Updated 2015-09-17 21:59:54 by Ethouris

Silvercat is a high level build tool using Tcl language.

This is a tool of similar category to tools like "Autotools", "CMake", "qmake" or "scons".

Please find the project hosted here: http://gitlab.com/silvercat/silvercat

The project is in early development stage, however it successfully handles the "standard" build definitions of executable file and a static library with installation that includes header files.

This is an example contents of a simplest build definition file for a program named "passwd-tool" that consists of two source files, to produce an executable file to be installed in PREFIX/bin directory:
 # These below are expected to not be needed in future, as being part of a default profile with a platform-dependent definition
 ag-profile gcc-native
 ag-profile posix-install

 # The program definition
 ag passwd-tool -type program -install bin -sources passwd.cc util.cc

This tool is expected to generate a "Makefile.tcl" file for the Tcmake[1] tool, which is also part of this project. The Makefile contains target definitions for the file to be produced, as well as for installing the program in the bin directory.