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See the official meeting page for general information.

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The presentations of this meeting are available at the EuroTcl site.

Christian Gollwitzer recorded videos of the talks.
WhenJune 20-21, 2015
WhereCologne, Germany
Email Contactmailto:[email protected]
Site ChairHolger Jakobs
Program ChairPaul Obermeier

Holger has organized very nice locations for the Friday evening Come Together as well as for the Social Event (River Rhine cruising with buffet).

26 Tcl'ers from USA, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany attended the meeting.

We are glad to welcome Jan Nijtmans and Jos Decoster as representatives of the Tcl Core Team.

The following companies are sponsoring the meeting:

The following Tcl'ers gave a talk:

  1. Paul Obermeier
  2. Jan Nijtmans
  3. Ben Fuhrmannek
  4. Alexandru Dadalau
  5. Christian Werner
  6. Harald Oehlmann
  7. Csaba Nemethi
  8. Christian Gollwitzer
  9. Arjen Markus
  10. Holger Jakobs

Other Attendees:

  1. Anton Kovalenko
  2. APW
  3. jdc
  4. kbr
  5. PYK