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ViewIt was designed as a 3D image processing program, but turned out to be a general-purpose multidimensional array processor. It was originally developed to handle data from magnetic resonance imaging. Some features of Viewit include:

  • Projection reconstruction algorithms for MRI data
  • Multidimensional Fourier transforms
  • Convolution operators for image smoothing and enhancement
  • Simple volume rendering functionality

It is packaged as a custom Tcl shell extension.

ViewIt can be considered as a reverse polish notation calculator for multidimensional and multivariate arrays. ViewIt was conceived as software tool similar to a Hewlett Packard calculator with extra "buttons", or functions for signal processing, image processing, multivariate analysis and scientific visualtization. Similar to an RPN calculator, ViewIt relies on a stack of 4 registers for manipulation of data. However, ViewIt's registers can hold large multidimensional arrays instead of just scaler values as with most RPN calculators. ViewIt supports a number of file formats for importing and exporting data to the register stack. A number of raster display devices and network frame buffer protocols are also supported for display of data within the register stack.

Latest release at: [1]