Updated 2012-08-27 21:41:07 by LkpPo

Author of the Linear Algebra package la and other Tcl related items, including an extended version of Tcl/Tk which includes

  • SECS and HSMS protocol support for the Semiconductor and Electronics industries.
  • OPC protocol support
  • A fast, in-memory SQL database with subscription features
  • A distributed, message-based interprocess communication system with queue management

OPC was originally an acronym for OLE for Process Control. The OPC Foundation has created standards that describe the use of OLE for the integration of computerized sensors and instruments. Over time the term OLE has been deprecated in favor of the terms COM and DCOM which refer to Microsoft's proprietary implementation of inter-process communication using remote procedure calls (RPC). See [1] for a reference on the OPC Tcl extension, and the OPC Supervisor reference document for a description of an application that uses the Tcl extension.

See http://www.hume.com/ for details.