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Charles Vidal has written a package [1] which apparently generates Flash (SWF file) with Tcl. It's an extension of ming [2] but the new version 0.3 don't compile anymore with tcl. So the package [3] compile but it's the version 0.2

[David Bigelow?]

Zarutian is, as of 6th september 2005, looking for pure-tcl implementation of Action Message Format, the core of Flash Remoting.

(A pure-tcl swf generator wouldnt hurt ;-)

Neat things that an AMF-TCL implemention would allow:

  • Simple shared desktop
  • Simple ridiculus multiplayer games
  • Tclkit + tclhttpd.kit + AMF-TCL = ?very easy deployment of rich internet application?
  • etc..

(SWF can stand for Shock Wave Flash and is its file suffix)

Flash-pertinent resources:

  • "5 Reasons Not To Use Flash" [4] provides a relatively sophisticated and diverse analysis in just a few words
  • "5 Reasons Not To Use Flash" [5] is a distinct piece, with the same title as the previous one, which provides slightly more depth
  • "When NOT to Use Flash" [6] is pitched at managers' comprehension level
  • "Flash: 99% Bad" [7] was Jakob Nielsen's contribution in 2000
  • "6 Reasons Not To Use Flash On Your Website" [8]
  • "Making Good Use of Flash on Websites: When You Should and Shouldn't Use It" [9] is aimed directly at small business owners. Its technical errors are minor, and it appropriately frames the discussion.

Notice that all of these are written by "creatives" or their close colleagues; this more than explains their common style, which strikes developers as formulaic.

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