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This is a client/server communication service provided by America Online . It permits users to send personal messages between one another.

The following Tcl resources have been developed around this service.
What: MilkBot
Where: http://www.cowofdoom.com/archive/pub/aim/milkbot.tar.gz
Description: Eggdrop Tcl script that connects the Eggdrop IRC channel bot to AIM.
Updated: 07/1999
Contact: [email protected] (Will Woods)

What: Tac
Where: http://users.tmok.com/%7Esmike/
Description: Pure Tcl version of America Online Instant Messenger (AIM). This provides console only users the ability to use AIM.
Currently it is at version 0.17.
Updated: 05/1999
Contact: smike at users dot tmok dot com