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FlightAware are sponsoring a programme of bounties for improving Tcl and (selected) extensions.

Full details here: https://github.com/flightaware/Tcl-bounties

Note that these bounties are not sufficiently generous to be considered pay (given how much a software engineer should be able to earn). They're more awards for things someone might be inclined to do anyway.

JMN 2017-02-03 I think this is a fantastic programme by FlightAware. It would be nice if there was an easy way for others to also contribute to Tcl development bounties.

I have added a small bounty on the bountysource.com website to support integration of bountysource with fossil-scm. For projects using already-supported issue trackers such as github - I guess there's nothing stopping others contributing, other than awareness.

I'm not sure if the bountysource bounties work for projects such as core.tcl.tk which are mirrored to github - but even if so, it'd be nice to be able to add bounties directly to the fossil repos.

Perhaps FlightAware would also consider using bountysource as it should help give bounties (and FlightAware's generous support) a higher profile, and would allow others to add to existing bounties.

Projects edit

In progress

  • A reasonable C API for enumerating an array
  • Speed up clock format and clock scan (2X, 4X, 10X)
  • array foreach
    • Code: [2]
  • Support for SO_REUSEPORT on server sockets
    • TIP 456: [3]
    • Code: [4]
  • Tcl package introspection improvements
    • Code: [5]
  • Support for epoll()/kqueue() to replace select() in socket handling
    • TIP 458: [6]
    • Code: [7]
  • A first class, high-performance, non-hackish way to do named parameters
  • Call-by-name syntactic sugar for proc definitions that would obviate most uses of upvar
    • Code: [9]
    • Original patch: [10]


  • tclreadline improvements
    • Discussion: [11]
    • Code: [12]

Not yet claimed

  • Upgrade the scotty extension (TEA)
  • Upgrade the scotty extension (UDP)
  • Clean up of tcltls
  • Revive the Tcl Pro debugger
  • Make TclX's signal trap handlers safe to use with threaded Tcl
  • Make TclX's profiler work properly with Tcl 8.6
  • Stop Tcl from eating child process exit status gratuitously
  • after -at
  • array default arrayName value
    • Interested expressed by AMG, no code yet
    • Compare TIP#342 ([13]) which suggests a default for getting from a dict. December 2016 marked its 8th year waiting for a CFV.
  • Tcl runtime performance improvements (2X)
  • Tcl runtime performance improvements (10X)
    • DKF: It is not possible to get a 10x speedup without going to native code somewhere.
    • See tclquadcode for what I think is the best bet right now for achieving the 10x goal.