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JSON1 is an SQLite extension that provides functions for manipulating JSON. JSON data itself is not special-cased in SQLite when JSON1 is enabled; it is simply regarded as text. It's fast.

Installation  edit

Run the following POSIX shell commands to compile and install the SQLite Tcl extension with JSON1. If the installation is a success, be sure to remove the version installed with your OS' package manager to prevent Tcl from loading it instead. You can do this, e.g., with the command sudo apt remove libsqlite3-tcl on Debian/Ubuntu.
#! /bin/sh
set -e
wget "https://sqlite.org/2018/sqlite-autoconf-$version.tar.gz"
tar zxvf "sqlite-autoconf-$version.tar.gz"
cd "sqlite-autoconf-$version/tea"
sudo make install