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Where: http://sf.net/projects/simpl/
Description: Simple send/receive/reply messaging scheme. Includes a number of Tcl/Tk applications and tclets. Some training can be found at the icanprogram site. Open Source developed for Linux.
Currently at v3.2.2
Updated: 12/2008
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (R. FINDLAY)

In Jan, 2009, the following announcement appeared in comp.lang.tcl:

The SIMPL project (http://www.icanprogram.com/simpl) aims to bring the simplicity and power of the Send/Receive/Reply messaging (first pioneered by QNX) to the Linux world.

SIMPL modules are themselves Linux executables and can be written in any number of languages now (C, C++, Tcl/Tk and Python). A SIMPL application consists of one or more of these modules interacting in a single SIMPL sandbox. A SIMPL application can consist of SIMPL modules written in a mixture of supported languages. eg. a Tcl/Tk module talking to a C++ module.

In addition SIMPL applications can be spread across a network seamlessly through the use of TCP/IP or RS232 surrogates. In most cases this redeployment can occur without any code change or recompilation.

Tcl/Tk was one of the earliest languages (after C) to be added to the SIMPL family, and it has attracted a steady following over the 8+ years that it has been available.

SIMPL-Tcl/Tk modules can be built for deployment on a Linux OS. In addition SIMPL-Tcl/Tk scripts written for a non Linux OS can interact seamlessly with a SIMPL application using the tclSurrogate (TCP/IP) protocol which SIMPL-Tcl/Tk supports. This means that a Tcl/Tk script running under Windows can participate seamlessly in a SIMPL application running on a Linux network. In fact many users have deployed SIMPL-Tcl/Tk for just this capability.

The one area that SIMPL-Tcl/Tk has neglected is the area of web applications. The SIMPL-Python extension now sports this ability. We can't let the SIMPL-Tcl/Tk extension fall behind the Python crew !

The easiest way to get acquainted with the SIMPL-Tcl/Tk toolset is to download its self installing archive for Linux. This is safely deployed in /tmp to allow full exploration with an option to permanently install the release in a directory of your choosing.

SIMPL-Tcl/Tk self installing archive - http://www.icanprogram.com/simpl/tcl.self.html

the SIMPL project team PS. There is a great repository of Tcl/Tk sample code associated with a SIMPL presentation made a few years back at a local LUG:


Old links which are dead or just point to the second link above:

The third link above is the BOOK Programming the SIMPL Way

escargo 17 Jun 2005 - Support for Tclets is mentioned. Has this been tried with Firefox (e.g., 1.0.4) with the plugin?