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md5pure, by Don Libes, is a Tcl extension that computes an md5 message digest or hmac. md5pure uses only core Tcl commands and therefore requires no compilation.

Description  edit

Can anyone discuss the differences between md5pure and tcllib's md5?

PT: tcllib's md5 version 1 package is the same as md5pure. The newer version ([package require md5 2]) has been rewritten to support hashing a message in parts which the previous version could not deal with. For example,
set hash [md5::MD5Init]
md5::MD5Update $hash $data
md5::MD5Update $hash $moredata
set result [md5::MD5Final $hash]

This is equivalent to md5::md5 "${data}${moredata}" except that you do not need to concatenate all the data before hashing - quite important for large quantities of data.

Note the same technique may be used for md4 and RIPEMD and also the latest sha1.