Updated 2018-06-30 18:50:43 by krehbiel

The tcltest command is a great tool for doing regression testing however the command doesn't provide access to the test name within the body of the test command. This problem can be solved using the [info frame ...] command as shown in the example code below. -- tjk
package require tcltest
namespace import -force ::tcltest::*

proc test_name { } {
        set frame [dict create {*}[info frame 1]]
        return [lindex [dict get $frame cmd] 1]

test test-1.0 {check test_name command} -constraints {
} -setup {
} -body {
        set fpath [file join [pwd] [test_name].txt]
        set fid [open $fpath w]
        puts $fid "HELLO WORLD"
        close $fid
} -result {} \
-output {} \
-match exact \
-cleanup {}

Which produces a file named test-1.0.txt in the local directory that contains HELLO WORLD.