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TclMagick [1] is "a Tcl-only interface to the ImageMagick [2] library."

It requires no X server to do its work.
 What: TclMagick
 Where: http://tclmagick.sourceforge.net/ http://www.rolf-schroedter.de/tclMagick/TclMagick.html
 Description: Tcl only interface to the ImageMagick library.
              As this uses IM's new Wand-API, this package is really a
              pre-announcement.  It is expected that IM's Wand-API will move
              from development to release by the end of 200.  At that point,
              it is hoped/expected that this package will be ready for
              release.  This is a one to one mapping of the Wand API to Tcl.
              Currently at version 0.41, which is compatible with Tcl 8.4.5.
 Updated: 06/2003
 Contact: See web site

Rolf provided this example of using TclMagick as it exists today:

Note - no Tk is required to use this package!
 # Load the tclMagick module
 load TclMagick.dll

 # Create wand & draw objects
 set wand [magick::wand create]
 set draw [magick::draw create]

 # Load & enlarge a PNG
 $wand ReadImage sample.png
 $wand ResizeImage 500 500 cubic
 # Draw a red "Tcl/Tk" rotated by 45<B0>
 $draw push graph
     $draw SetStrokeWidth 1
     $draw SetStrokeColorString "red"
     $draw SetFillColorString "red"
     $draw SetFontSize 18
     $draw Annotation -97 170 "Tcl/Tk"
 $draw pop graph
 $draw Rotate -45

 $wand DrawImage $draw

 # Write the image in different file formats
 $wand WriteImage sample.jpg
 $wand WriteImage sample.gif
 $wand WriteImage sample.pdf

 # Delete wand & draw objects
 magick::draw delete $draw
 magick::wand delete $wand

Rolf Schroedter