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I like programming in TCL and Erlang - preferably in the one project. I'm not the Julian Noble who does interesting stuff with Forth - but one day I hope to be *a* Julian Noble that does interesting stuff with Forth - It seems such a bizarrely mindbending language.

I get frustrated by GUIs and applications that block while doing some background task, so I'm a big fan of threads. So much so that I think I'm sometimes guilty of using them where an event-driven, or multi-process structure may have been simpler. John Ousterhout's: 'Why Threads Are A Bad Idea (for most purposes)' didn't sway me ;)

I'm rabidly opposed to the GPL. I've not yet had the guts or inspiration (or organisation) to contribute much code to the wiki - but if/when I do - consider it public domain if not explicitly stated otherwise. (I tend to choose BSD style)


A little too late in the Tcl8.5 alpha era, I made a lot of noise over a reasonably short period on the tcl-core mailinglist regarding what I perceived as shortcoming of the new dict commandset. Basically I was arguing that what was really needed was a clean interface for nested operations. DKF explained that the dict syntax would be somewhat inconsistent with certain other commands if it was adjusted the way I suggested (dictn) - and so I eventually shut up.

I'm still a bit disappointed that what is really a great new datastructure for Tcl is so clumsy when it comes to manipulating nested data. Much unpacking & repacking required.

Oh well - I guess the great OO debate will eventually provide what I'm after - though perhaps with more bells & whistles.

The ghosts of VB haunt this TCLer