Updated 2003-01-06 08:51:32

What motivates a person to share on the Wiki? Perhaps it's programmed into some people to cause delight. Take this Tcl'ers Chat conversation for example:

GPS: A couple of weeks ago my step-dad's grandchildren came over. The little boy was trying to figure out how to turn on our piano. He kept searching all over the thing, but to a 5 y/o like him it was foreign. It ended up being in a place that he didn't suspect.

GPS: A couple of minutes later his sister came over and he was so proud that he found out how to start it. He smiled happily while telling her. I guess that's how the Wiki works too.

arjen Such an anecdote should be put on the Wiki in its own little page (or on a page that assembles such anecdotes)! Yes, it is that sort of a feeling