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 What: [incr Tcl] Itcl++
 Where: http://www9.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/eng/research/rendering/vision/itcl/ 
 Description: Itcl++ parses C++ header files and generates a one-to-one mapping
        of C++ classes to itcl classes.  This allows for interactively
        manipulating C++ objects via itcl objects. The current version is 0.95.
        Everything above and including Tcl 7.4 and incr Tcl 2.1 should work.
        The package is not really supported.  It does what the authors
        want to use it for.  It has not changed in more than a year.  The
        authors do not guarantee that they will be able to fix any potential
        bugs within a reasonable timeframe.  
 Updated: 10/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] ([Wolfgang Heidrich])

From the Readme File:

Itcl++ is a tool for accessing C++ classes and objects from Michael McLennan's incr Tcl (Itcl for short).

Itcl++ is a set of tools which parse C++ header files, and automatically create code for C++ and Itcl. Itcl++ handles both C++ classes (which are mapped to Itcl classes) and global C/C++ functions (which are mapped to Tcl commands).

Now stored in the Half Bakery: [1]

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