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The purpose of this page is to help introduce and support the Tcl Plugin and to index links to external references. The Tcl Plugin was designed to allow supported web browsers to directly execute Tcl code safely and efficiently in a browser window. The Tcl Plugin is cross-platform. In 2003, the plugin was updated from Tcl 8.0 to 8.4 by Jeff Hobbs of ActiveState.

The Tcl Plugin is designed using the Netscape Plugin API and should work in any browser that supports that (Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, even IE...). As of June 2006, the version of the Tcl Plugin is v3.1.0 and it works with all versions of Mozilla on Windows, Linux, and Solaris and all versions of IE on Windows.

Introducing The Tcl Plugin

Obtaining the Tcl Plugin

Tcl Plugin Documentation

Tcl Browser Plugin Design

Deploying the Tcl Plugin

Resources and Links

Further Discussion

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