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odbcisql ,by Tom Poindexter, a Tk-based SQL processor for ODBC-connected databases, is a nice companion to TclODBC

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Tom Poindexter

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escargo 2005-04-14: I verified that this code still seems to work. I used tclodbc 2.3 on Microsoft Windows XP Pro, and ActiveState ActiveTcl to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 installation where I work. So far, at least, everything seems to be working smoothly.

2009-05-26: still working.^

JOB 2016-04-19: Code still works!

Tested the code on WIN7 with ActiveState Tcl/Tk 8.6.4. The tclodbc package needs to be installed beforehand with the following command sequence:
teacup install tclodbc
teacup install tdbc::odbc