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My Web Pages

  • A View from the Foothills [1], my web log
  • My seldom updated home page [2]
  • My seldom updated Tcl page [3]


In order of activity:

  • Athena [4], a large simulation written in TCL/TK
  • Igloo [5], a TclOO layer intended to replace Snit.
  • Quill [6], a project build system for Tcl projects.
  • The Snit's Not Incr Tcl object and megawidget framework.
  • The Notebook App personal wiki, which is pretty much completely stalled at the moment.
  • Ramble, a rogue-like dungeon-crawling game
  • Tcllib's textutil::expander module
  • The expand macro/template processor


Quite some time ago now, I observed that Scripted Documents Are Obscure, even if they are way cool. But by a miracle of timing, jcw anticipated my concern, and moments later announced that Scripted Documents were now Starkits. The rest is history.

Mostly Obsolete Stuff

These two documents used to be quite popular; but Snit's Not Incr Tcl has pretty much removed the need for them.

  • Will's Guide to Namespaces and Packages [7]
  • Will's Guide to Object Commands [8]