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Soar is a general cognitive architecture [1]. It has a comprehensive Tcl interface, and makes use of Tcl and Tk quite a lot. It's quite a fascinating project. Check the website for more details. Allen Newell's book "Unified Theories of Cognition" describes an earlier version of Soar and its goals.
 What: SOAR
 Where: http://sitemaker.umich.edu/soar
 Description: Soar is used by AI researchers to construct integrated intelligent
        agents, and by cognitive scientists for cognitive modelling.
        Recent versions of Soar use Tcl/Tk to do scripting and user interfaces.
        Soar is available on a variety of platforms.
        See news:comp.ai for discussions on SOAR.
        See ERS for a commercial product based on SOAR.
 Updated: 2013-03
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