Updated 2015-04-16 18:18:08 by dbohdan

Tkmpeg is a binary extension that is provided as part of DS9. It is an MPEG 1 encoder based on ezMPEG [1], a project that is still in alpha. Tkmpeg is used by DS9 to save a series of frames as an MPEG 1 video. License: GPL v2.

Other tools that can be used from Tcl/Tk to generate MPEG video:

  • TclMagick [2], a Tcl wrapper for ImageMagick [3] or GraphicsMagick [4]; the codec mpeg2vidcodec_v12.tar.gz [5] is required. See the mpeg2encode page for an example script.
  • mpeg2encode is not a Tcl tool but can be called with exec.