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Where http://www.hwaci.com/sw/tobe/
Description Tcl as One Big Executable (TOBE) is a quick and easy way to bundle the Tcl/Tk interpreter, several popular Tcl extensions, and an arbitrary collection of Tcl scripts together into a single standalone executable.
Updated 09/2001
Contact mailto:[email protected] (D. Richard Hipp)

As of 2005, Richard, as the author of TOBE, uses TOBE, rather than mktclapp. He does not use starkits. Quotes: "Tobe is for using TCL from within C programs. It includes zvfs and puts all your Tcl scripts in a ZIP archive appended to the C code." If someone has little or no C, TOBE is not a preferred choice. Clif Flynt is working on documentation, maybe.