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Trebuchet Tk is a client program for connecting to TinyMUD style social MUD servers on the InterNet. This program is designed to be used with TinyMUD, TinyMUCK, TinyMUSH, MOO, and several other variants. It's probably not well designed for combat oriented MUDs like LPMUD and Diku, but it does support them.

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Tcl/Tk TinyMUCK/TinyMUSH/MOO GUI client written in Tcl/Tk. Includes cripting, triggers, highlights, macros, buttons, key bindings, etc. Supports MCP editing, MOO and FBMUCK6 dialog packages and intelligent colored editing of MUF and MPI programs for muck users. Requires Tcl/Tk 8.3.2 or newer. Supports both Unix and Windows. Currently at version 1.013 .