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I like to write the weekly {Tcl,Python,...}-URL! digests. It's recreational, for me.

I write also for more conventional publications. I've written chapters on Tcl [1] and other scripting languages for several books, and do a column [2] twice a month on scripting.

Along with this part-time journalism, I'm a full-time software developer [3].

One of my characteristic habits is to threaten over an extended period to work on various community projects.

Occasionally, with enough motivation, I actually follow through. On the possibility that one of these will interest someone, I'll list a few of the half-baked items currently on the shelves:
documentation, performance enhancements, examples, corrections to RFC non-conformance, ... Andreas Kupries: If you have time please add such information to the tcllib tracker at SourceForge. Or feed them piecemeal through me.
Memory introspection commands
Win-Tcl documentation
Greatly sanitized tcltest distributions
More [Tcl/Java] write-ups
Testing theory
Help with TinyTcl
Elaboration of George Peter Staplin's Tk-Xlib work
which I greatly admire
Propaganda on why Tk is wonderful
More explanations of the "option database"
Write-ups of "Tcl in the real world"
Tclish expert systems
response to Larry Virden's observation that "this is part of the info that I keep harping about being needed for USERS of Tcl...
most of the Tcl doc is written for application developers accustomed to code diving". package-ing is a particular example.
Tclkit evangelism

[Dave Snyderman] claims I described myself as a "walking Wiki index". I don't remember that ...

Maybe you didn't write it on the Wiki, and therefore don't have the index.
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[Regular Expressions: Programming Down to the Silicon]