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This workshop took place prior to Usenix sponsorship of the annual Tcl/Tk gathering. Instead, it was organized by Gerald Lester and Jim Bassich of Computerized Processes Unlimited, Metairie, LA.

Papers available at ftp://ftp.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/mirror/ftp.procplace.com/alcatel/workshop/1994/

Presented papers were:

  • David E Smyth: "Tcl and concurrent object oriented flight software: Tcl on Mars ".
  • James R Slagle and Zbigniew Weickowski: "Ideas for intelligent user interface design"
  • Richard Golding, Carl Staelin, Tim Sullivan and John Wilkes: "Tcl cures 98.3% of all known simulation configuration problems, claims astonished researcher!"
  • David Richardson: "Interactively configuring Tk-based applications"
  • Tom Phelps: "Ariadne"
  • Mike Hoegeman: "The sensor shells: an automated weather observation system"
  • James Bassich and Gerald Lester: "Tcl as a strategic tool for the system integrator"
  • Michael McLennan: "[incr Tk]: building extensible widgets with [incr Tcl]"
  • Lindsay Marshall: "Nautilus: 20,000 leagues under the Tcl"
  • Wayne A Christopher: "A 3D viewer widget for Tk"
  • Eric M Jordan: "An environment for the development of interactive music and audio applications"
  • Benjamin B Bederson and James D Hollan: "Pad++: a zooming graphical interface widget for Tk"
  • Frank Stajano: "Writing Tcl programs in the Medusa applications environment"
  • Patrick Duval and Tie Liao: "Tcl-Me, a Tcl multimedia extension"
  • George Howlett: "Packages: adding namespaces to Tcl"
  • Adam Sah, Jon Blow, and Brian Dennis: "An introduction to the Rush language"
  • Max Ott: "Jodler: a scripting language for the Infobahn"
  • Kevin Kenny: "Dynamic loading for Tcl: (What became of it?)" [1]
  • John Menges and Brian Ladd: "Tcl/C++ binding made easy"
  • Douglas Pan and Mark Linton: "Dish: a dynamic invocation shell for Fresco"