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Title: Sams Teach Yourself Tcl/Tk in 24 Hours
 Authors: Venkat V. S. S. Sastry, Lakshmi Sastry
 Publisher: Sams
 Publication date: November, 1999
 ISBN: 0672317494
 Pages: 494
 Price: 24.99 US
 WWW book information: http://www.mcp.com/sams/detail_sams.cfm?item=0672317494 [[URL no longer valid]]

Paperback with CD-ROM which contains Tcl, Tk, various extensions, plus all examples.

Intro to Tcl and Tk, covering 24 one hour lessons.

This book is said by those who have it that it is not useful as a reference book. Some people like the tutorial nature of it.

First Tcl/Tk book I got. Confused me more than enlightened. Uses examples of how NOT to do it. Some example code simply doesn't work.

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