Updated 2004-05-06 17:09:59

During March 2003, Glenn Jackman, Don Porter, Donald Arseneau, Arjen Markus and possibly others were discussing procs creating procs during runtime.

One of the issues discussed was that of scope - if a proc creates a proc, without anything fancy being done, in what namespace is the runtime created proc?

Here's an example provided by Ulrich Schoebel:
 % proc foo {} {proc bar {} {puts baz_1}}
 % namespace eval mymy {proc foo {} {proc bar {} {puts baz_2}}}
 % foo
 % ::mymy::foo
 % bar
 % ::mymy::bar

which appears to demonstrate dgp's assertion that procs with non-fully-qualified names are created in the current namespace, whatever that happens to be.

I created some functions to generate a tagged list for the body of a proc. Check out manipulating a proc with tags. - xonecubed -