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TclApp, a component of Tcl Dev Kit since release 2.5, is a tool to bundle Tcl scripts and related resources for deployment as a single-file, installation-free executables Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX.

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the TclPro analogue

Documentation  edit

official reference

Description  edit

TclApp creates multi-architecture starkits. In contrast to prowrap, which uses a limited ad-hoc variant of a virtual filesystem specifically written for it, TclApp is based on the complete and generic virtual filesystem of Tcl Tcl 8.4. It generates metakit-based starkits and starpacks.

Beyond that TclApp is capable of directly wrapping packages without the user being forced to specify all files in the package during wrapping. This is handled through package definition files which contain all the necessary information.

A companion tool, the TclApp Package Editor can be used to create and edit such files.

Before release 2.5 the Tcl Dev Kit contained an enhanced version of prowrap providing a GUI for easy access to the features of the application.

Comparison to sdx  edit

HaO 2011-06-09 tclapp standard behaviour is different to sdx. For most differences, there are options to gain compatibility. This is for migration purpose, the different behaviour is senseful.
Whattclappsdxtclapp option to have sdx behaviour
get MP (mount point)starkit::topdirstarkit::topdir
Wrap pathMP/MP/lib/application/-anchor /
Start fileMP/main.tclOption -startfile with autogenerated main.tcl-nospecials
Custom Icon-iconMP/tclkit.ico
Custom windows text resources-stringinfoMP/tclkit.inf