Updated 2015-02-05 03:35:51 by RLE

A simple Tcl binding to some of the stemmers of the snowball project.

At the moment included code creates the english porter1, porter2, german and french stemmers. Others can be added easily thanks to Tcls great encoding system.

The code can be found here: http://physnet.uni-oldenburg.de/~schlenk/tcl/tclsnowball/tclsnowball0.1.tar.gz. (dead link 2015-02-03)

Alternate: [1]

It is a standard TEA extension that should build cleanly on windows & linux/unix. (VC++ can not compile the snowball source, so on windows mingw or cygwin have to be used to build).

Usage example:
  % package require Tclsnowball
  % ::snowball::stem porter2 "somelongword"

  ::snowball::stem stemmername word

Author: Michael Schlenker

License: BSD