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Michael Kirkham is President/CEO of COMPANY: Muonics and creator of MIB Smithy SDK and its parent product, a visual MIB development/compiler environment called MIB Smithy. Michael has been using Tcl/Tk for cross-platform development (particularly GUIs) since around 1994-95, around the time he became employee #1 for a well-known (in the industry) Scotts Valley, CA based company specializing in SNMP compliance testing software, for which he was the architect and lead developer for many years.

In addition to specifying and authoring hundreds (thousands?) of SNMP compliance tests, designing and implementing multiple SNMP engines from scratch, and being an acknowledged contributor to a couple of the SNMPv3 RFCs, Michael has also been known to track down and/or submit bug fixes here and there to the Tcl core, joined the Tile development team in November 2004 (mostly helping out with MacOS X Aqua bug fixes and notebook improvements) and lurks on news:comp.lang.tcl and news:comp.protocols.snmp from time to time.

Michael also does consulting on the side and can be contacted through Muonics.