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Organizator of the two european tcl/tk user meetings in Hamburg/Harburg:

I'm author of a bimonthly tcl/tk series in german Linux Magazin http://www.linux-magazin.de/ called "Federlesen". This is pun on the feather (german Feder) and the german saying "Ohne Federlesen" -> without hassle.

Sources for these articles could be found on the website of the Linux Magazin.

Other sources mostly for Tcl and Corba could be found on my homepage http://www.groy-groy.de/czerbst/tcltk.html

A Gradient Header Panel in pure tcl

Yet another rss extension RSS Reader and an interesting use of the text widget for the RSSReader GUI.

Examples how to use tcluno to drive OpenOffice Calc

EKB Hi, Carsten, I have some questions...

  • I'm hacking your Gradient Header Panel for one of my applications. What license are you releasing that under?
  • I looked at your site and am very interested in the I18n applications you've created (i18n.tcl and MSGedit.tcl). Others on the Tcler's Wiki might be interested as well. (But I had a lot of trouble with MSGedit.tcl on Windows -- I've got the main screen to appear (with no splash screen), but can't see how to load any source files into it -- no way to get something into the "src" panel.) (FYI, my own contribution is the msgcat-Ready Script Utility.)

Thanks for these nice applications!