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"Abstract Syntax Notation" in ITU-T X.680 [1]; also note related language specifications [2]. These are all reference materials, largely opaque to humans; we need to mention here also such tutorials as Milan and Dubuisson's [3] and Kaliski's ".. Layman's Guide ..." [4].

X.509v3 Certificate Viewer example based on the tcllib asn package

ASN.1 is commonly used in the following applications

  • Cryptography related file formats (X509 certificates, PKCS#7 messages) etc.
  • ldap
  • Telecommunications systems like Bluetooth, H232, UMTS etc.
  • SNMP
  • Library catalogue systems based on the Z39.50 protocol, see Yaz

There is a tcllib asn package which is able to parse almost all ASN BER/DER objects.

The yaz package contains an asn1 compiler written in Tcl, yaz-asncomp, which produces C-code currently.