Updated 2011-06-22 10:13:13 by RLE

Another little script, coded back in October 2001 -jcw
  # a little server to inspect local variable state over httpd
  # usage:
  #  - source this script in some app
  #  - do "hpeek::start 8056" to activate it
  #  - do "vwait forever" if the app would exit otherwise
  #  - point your browser to URL http://localhost:8056/
  # inspired by Harold Kaplan's "DustMote"

   namespace eval hpeek {
    set about {a little server to inspect local variable state over httpd}
    set cvs {$Id: 9154,v 1.5 2005-04-01 06:00:42 jcw Exp $}
    namespace export start
  # start must be called to set up a server socket
    proc start {port} {
      if {$port} {
        variable fd [socket -server hpeek::accept $port]
  # accept a new incoming tcp/ip connection
    proc accept {sock h p} {
      fconfigure $sock -blocking 0
      fileevent $sock readable [list hpeek::request $sock]
  # process a single request
    proc request {sock} {
      catch {
        set line [gets $sock]
        if {[fblocked $sock]} return
        fileevent $sock readable ""
        fconfigure $sock -translation binary -buffering full

        set p /
        regexp {/[^ ]*} $line p
        regsub -all / $p :: p

        set r "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\n\n"
        if {[catch {display $p r} err]} {
          set r "HTTP/1.0 404 Not found\n\n<h3>No such URL</h3>\

        puts $sock $r
      catch {close $sock}
  # make a string suitable for viewing as HTML
    proc htmlize {s} {
      regsub -all {&} $s {\&amp;} s
      regsub -all {<} $s {\&lt;} s
      regsub -all {>} $s {\&gt;} s
      return $s
  # htmlize, show in fixed font if text contains newlines
    proc showtext {s} {
      set s [htmlize $s]
      if {[string first "\n" $s] >= 0} { set s "<pre>$s</pre>" }
      return $s
  # generate a page with the requested information
    proc display {x result} {
      upvar $result r
      append r "<html><body><table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>"
      set a "<tr><td align=right valign=top>"
      set b " &nbsp;</td><td>"
      if {[namespace tail $x] == ""} {
        set c [namespace children $x]
        if {[llength $c] > 0} {
          append r $a "<b>Namespaces:</b>" $b
          foreach y [lsort -dictionary $c] {
            set z [namespace tail $y]
            append r "<a href=\"$z/\">$z</a> "
          append r "</td></tr>"
        foreach k [lsort -dictionary [info vars $x*]] {
          append r $a [htmlize [namespace tail $k]] $b
          if {[array exists $k]} {
            set n [array size $k]
            append r "<a href=\"[namespace tail $k]\">$n entries</a>"
          } elseif {[info exists $k]} {
            set v [set $k]
            append r [showtext $v]
          } else {
            append r "<b>?</b>"
          append r "</td></tr>"
      } else {
        foreach k [lsort -dictionary [array names $x]] {
          append r $a [htmlize [namespace tail $k]] $b
          set v [set ${x}($k)]
          append r [showtext $v] "</td></tr>"
      append r "</table></body></html>"

Luciano ES - Does this script require some arcane package, by any chance? I just tried to run it and the entity tells me that the 'module' command (called by the 'hpeek' proc) does not exist.

Fixed -jcw