Updated 2011-02-07 03:07:15 by GJS

I had this thought....

Say I could take my laptop to work and plug it into the keyboard and mouse plugs on the work computer. Maybe plug the keyboard and mouse from my work computer into the notebook to get fullsize keyboard etc.

Then I'd have a full TCL system to make macros or whatever, without needing permission to load TCL onto the work machine. It would be slower than a real connection between TCL and the work software, but potentially much better than doing everything by hand,

Would it be possible?

What would it take? JET

schlenk Hmm, if your notebook could somehow be recognized as USB keyboard/mouse you could do it. Other options include VNC combined with Android.

Yes, that's exactly what I'd want. Or make a couple of cables with PS/2 plugs on one side and RS232 on the other and connect to a PC's keyboard and mouse sockets.

I want to use TCL to improve my interaction with other programs, without having to install any software at all on the computers the other programs run on. This could help in untrusting environments. JET

OK, it's possible to do it with hardware. http://www.umd.com.au/itd/products/m366.html < A$150? Convert RS232 to USB. Hardly any software involved. A mostly-software approach would work for more people but for a few users only this would be easier. JET

GJS What OS? If you are using windows you could use TWAPI to generate events on your notebook. So using a client/server setup you could accomplish this over a network.